Web3 creator economy platform where comic creators, readers and collectors connect and earn


Founded: 2022

Market Size:

  • Web Comics - $7.36 billion (2021)
  • NFT - $4 billion (2021)

Target Audience: Comic art creators; readers and digital art collectors

MetaComic is an open, community driven, low-fee/feeless web3 platform created for comic artists and picture book creators to monetize their work by reaching readers and collectors globally. On MetaComic, in addition to support from fans and ad earnings, these creators can leverage the blockchain in expanding their reach and revenue streams by easily converting their works into collectable NFTs while retaining IP and earn royalties for life. 


We created MetaComic with the following mission

  1. To give indie comic art creators, readers and collectors an exclusive space to publish, read, collect, connect and earn
  2. To create an NFT marketplace comparable to top platforms like Opensea and Rarable that is dedicated to Comic and Picture book art
  3. To innovate, transform and potentially establish standards for representing arts, interactives and other creatives on the blockchain without losing track of ownership of their components


To become the largest web3 based digital comic art and book publishing, connecting and collecting platform



The $COMI token will be the used on the MetaComic platform in the following ways:

Giving tips to creators

Making and receiving payments in the marketplace

Stake for platform perks eg.

  1. Fee reduction
  2. Exclusive Whitelists
  3. Governance and/or Voting
  4. Stake to fund (a title)
  5. Creator competition enrollments and rewards

$COMI Tokenomics

Total Supply 1 billion $COMI

Share of supplyVesting
Family and Friends2%1 years after TGE
Pre-seed2%1 years after TGE
Creator Rewards (Public)5%100% after TGE
Advisors8%6 months cliff, 5% monthly
Team15%12 months cliff (25%), 2.08% monthly
Marketing, Liquidity and Market maker, Community Promotions and Rewards35%
Future development15%
Investors (Private sale)18%6 months cliff, 5% monthly

Milestones and Roadmap

Member NFTs

MetaComic original NFTs will confer several benefits to holders. These include:

Fee reduction or exclusion

Exclusive Whitelists to other MetaComic original release or partner releases

Exclusive access to events, conferences and seminars

The first NFT release will be a set of 3,333 NFTs some of which will be issued for free to community members and creators. Please see our roadmap for details.

Revenue Model

MetaComic will employ several revenue generation models with multiple payment points. Some of these include:

  1. A one time activation fee for creators - TBA
  2. Marketplace transaction fee on sale
  3. Multiple Advertisement channels - Banner ads, Trending list, Promoted lists
  4. Premium licensed art/partnerships with creators
  5. MetaComic Original arts and stories

Milestones and Roadmap


We have laid the foundation for a thriving platform going forward. We achieved the following in 2022

Research and Design

We have thoroughly researched existing platforms in the industry, identified and interviewed our potential users. This has helped form the vision and direction of the business

MVP Platform

We have bootstrapped an MVP

Team and Partners

We have grown our technical and executive team and made strategic partnerships with experts in the industries

Testnet Launch

We have had a successful testnet launch on the bsc network. Testnet url is

Future Development

Q4 2022

  • Beta Launch on ETH network
  • Contract Audit
  • Partnerships

Q1 2023

  • Launch of the first MetaComic Original NFT collection
  • Token Generation Event
  • Launch on Polygon Chain

Q2 - Q3 2023

  • Community Airdrop
  • Multichain Launch

Q4 2023

  • Establish MetaComic Ad Network
  • Official Launch of MetaComic Original Titles

Q1 2024

  • Global Expansion Drive
  • APIs and SDKs
  • Interactive Creator Tools

Contact and Support

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